Nanny Cam UK Law What You Need To Know

Thinking About Installing A Nanny Cam Read This First.

If you are considering installing a Nanny Cam in your own home, then make sure you understand Nanny Cam UK Law or use of Spy Cameras in the UK. The UK law generally states: spy cameras are permitted in a home, within certain areas.  The frame of reference used is the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. These Acts regulate where you can record and areas where you cannot record.  However, in general, their use is legal.

Nanny Cam UK Law


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Data Protection Act: Controls how your data is handled

Human Rights ActCovers your right to privacy.

Nanny Cam UK Law

So utilising the two Acts supplies an overview of the key areas to consider. This will assist in determining if your actions are legal or illegal.

Question:  Has the person or persons given their consent?

Answer:  If your intention was to install a hidden camera, then you probably are not going to be seeking consent from the person(s) you wish to record.

Question:  Person or persons have an expectation of privacy.

Answer:  You cannot place a hidden camera Anywhere if a person(s) would suitably believe they are in private. A bedroom or bathroom for example.

So following on from the above it is legal to install a nanny cam in your own house. It would be illegal if you installed a spy cam in someone else’s home without their knowledge or approval

So Nanny Cam UK Law Is Legal

Nanny Cam UK Law

Other points to consider are the spy cams ability to record date and time. Should the video footage be used in evidence this will be extremely important, so make sure the correct date and time are set before use. Another, point to think about is the type of hidden cam to be used.

Hidden Cams by their very nature are usually everyday objects seen around the home. Most of the hidden camera’s use power from a rechargeable battery, this will limit the time of recording, usually about one hour. This can be increased by using cameras that turn on when motion is detected. These types of hidden cameras are very portable and can be placed anywhere.

There is a solution and that is to use a fixed hidden camera. This type of camera is plugged into the mains power and therefore can record for up to eight hours. The limiting factor is the size of the SD card used. Another consideration with this type of camera is the location. It requires the location of the camera to be near to a power socket, usually, this will involve a fixed location.






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