Nesting Box Fitted With A Camera Review

Cedar Bird Box

Spying On Your Birds!

Over sixty different species of birds will use a nesting box in the United Kingdom. Wouldn’t it be great to see what actually goes on inside their home?  The ultimate in spy tech is cameras fitted inside the box.

You can buy these nesting boxes already pre-built with a night vision camera installed. Most cameras are wireless, but there are still a few that are wired. One important item that is sometimes overlooked by the eager purchaser is the camera will need a power supply.

Power supplies should be waterproof and the socket you are connecting the supply to should be an RCD. Just in case someone cuts through the cable! Normal cable lengths supplied are about 10m, but you can extend this if needed.

Ideal Nesting Box Available

nesting Box
Bird looking for a Nesting Box

A nesting box that meets all the above criteria is the Hand Crafted Cedar Bird Box. Shown above.

This nesting box has a 38mm hole suitable for the Tree Sparrow, Great Tit, Crested Tit, Nut Hatch and Pied Flycatcher.

The camera is the high-quality Colour Sony 700 TVL with Infra-red night vision. The infrared will not disturb the birds and allows you to see in total darkness.

A bonus with this Nesting Box is sound, so not only can you see the chicks when they hatch you will also be able to hear them.

The picture and sound are transmitted at 2.4Ghz to a receiver, which you will fit inside your house. The transmitter will not require a license. The wireless signal has an unobstructed range of about 100m. Going through obstacles reduces the range, however as a general guide you should be able to transmit approximately 30m and through 1 or 2 normal house walls. The wireless signal will be blocked by metallic objects, for example, a metal clad wall.

The Nesting Box itself is well made and built to last, made from Cedar you know this will be in your garden for a long time. Although this is not one of the cheapest Nesting Box on our website it is one of the best on the market and easy to set-up.



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