Review of Mofek 8GB 1920x1080P HD Hidden Camera Glasses

Spy Glasses Not All Is As It Seems!

With regards to spy glasses, the Mofek Sports Video Spy Glasses is a standout amongst the most depended, truth be told, it’s an Amazon UK decision. They look like normal eyeglasses, and nobody will ever believe that they have a little-concealed camera installed in them. What’s extraordinary about the eyeglass-type is that you can utilize it inside amid gatherings and exchanges. With its 5MP Mega Pixels CMOS Camera, it can give astounding recordings at 1920x1080P HD, and it can likewise take photographs.

The Mofek Sports Video Spy Glasses have two easy to use catches on the casing for video recording and taking pictures. Ensure you recall which catch to squeeze so you can augment the capacity. When you’re not utilizing your government agent glasses, they can likewise work as PC webcam for Windows 10 or XP. At the point when completely charged, the Mofek Sports Video Spy Glasses can last up to 1 hour of persistent utilize, and it as of now accompanies an 8GB miniaturized scale SD card to store all your chronicle and photographs.

So to sum up these glasses are perfect for spy use, with the 1080P camera and sound recording no one will know you are recording!

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