Super Anti-spy Bug GPS Camera RF Signal Detector Set, Dooreemee GPS Tracker Wireless Camera Amplification Ultra-high Sensitivity GSM Device Finder,RF Spy Bug camera wireless Detector Frequency Scanner Sweeper GSM CDMA GPS Tracker Finder

£49.50 (as of September 7, 2018, 8:21 pm)

This detector meets the needs of military and police surveillance. It adopts a digital receiving module with a wider detection frequency domain and avoids the disturbance from other signals. Improved sensitivity control giving the advantage that no matter how strong the signal it can be adjusted to locate the source. It is the one of the most advanced portable detectors now available and the newest.
This is new advanced G318 spy bug detector used for all kinds of bugging such as: listening device, car tracker, wireless camera, mobile phone spy software. A great instrument for catching con-artists and scams that use the latest technologies.
Although this detector can find CDMA signals it won’t detect devices that are not in use. This includes devices that are switched off – non active – sleep mode devices. The device must be active and transmitting a signal for G318 to detect. If the suspected device is off or not in use then there is nothing to detect. It will only detect when activated and in use sending and receiving signals that are detectable. This will not detect anything when scanning over a switched off tracker.

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