Digital Voice Activated Recorder – GolfBall Size Keychain with 132 Hours Capacity | 8GB – 32 Hours Battery Life | Unique Design by aTTo Digital

£89.99 (as of September 7, 2018, 7:56 pm) £39.95

100% SUBTLE & DISCREET: Meticulously engineered to be discreet and effective wRecBall keychain ball gadget has the best disguise for a voice recorder so it will take care of all your surveillance and audio recording needs. Absolutely NO visible buttons, LEDs, and other telltale signs | Designed to be hidden in plain sight.
CUTTING EDGE GEAR: Not only does it have a stellar 512 Kbps HQ audio quality and an extra 32 hours long battery life, it also features a smart voice activated sensor that starts recording ONLY when there actually IS something to record, the moments of silence being automatically deleted. Just set it and forget it.
EASY ONE TOUCH OPERATION & NO lights and other telltale signs while recording | EASILY TRANSFER FILES TO MAC OR PC – Just connect the recorder to your computer using the supplied USB cable and drag the files over to your PC. It is really that simple.

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