Smallest Digital Audio Voice Recorder With Instant Clear-Sound Playback MP3- 8GB Mass Storage USB Flash Drive – 96 Hours Capacity – Voice Activated Hidden Spy – Pocket Dictaphone Best For Recording Memos Meetings Classes – Great Gift

£34.99 (as of September 7, 2018, 7:56 pm) £26.99

🎤FOR WORK, SPARE TIME, OR LEARNING: Thumb-size and lightweight sound RECORDING DEVICE with an instant REPLAY. Operates as a portable USB FLASH DRIVE and a compact MINI PLAYER. Has 8GB storage capacity, 96 hours of recording time. Download and store your music, MP3’s, files, photos. Rechargeable. Hide and record undetected, without it being obvious. It’s a tool to reflect, to spy, and to learn. Does not record any unwanted silent periods. Fits into every pocket. SPY RECORDER/USB/REPLAY
🕵️FIND A SECRET AGENT IN YOU: This is ultimately your secret SPYING DEVICE. High definition sound is captured in WAV format. A built-in sensitive microphone picks up a CLEAR SOUND 8 meters away. VOICE ACTIVATED and collects sound within 40-85dB range. Leave it in standby mode for hours. LITHIUM BATTERY is powered by the USB cable and allows to record up to 15 hours non-stop on a single charge. Spy on your unfaithful partner, your nanny. Leave it with the loved ones in care. DIGITAL SPY 007
⌚WASTING TIME WISELY: REPLAY your records during the commute, travel or while waiting, where no connection available. RECORD meetings, interviews, negotiations, agreements, doctors instructions, any stream directly from the media. Record speech, lectures, seminars or training. RECORD your classes when absent. Capture arguments and incidents. RECORD ideas on the go. It’s a tool to reflect, take quality notes and to learn. Record and replay your affirmations. POCKET DICTAPHONE/NO WASTING TIME

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