Spy On A Carer

Spy On A Carer

Do You Need To Spy On A Carer?

Not An Easy Decision?

Spy on a Carer is a difficult subject for some and for others it may be the answer they are looking for.

The decision to spy on a Carer usually comes about after something goes missing. Usually money or jewellery, however, it can also be for a number of reasons eg abuse verbal or physical, carer suspected of not working or doing the job correctly. The law is clear regarding hidden cameras in a private house. First, you must get permission from the person whose care you are concerned about. If that person does not have the capacity to give that permission then you need to think carefully about why you want to install a spy camera. Consider are you acting in the persons best interest?

Care Quality Commision

The Care Quality Commission the independent regulator of health and social care in England.  Have produced an excellent pdf which covers this subject. Click here

What Spy Camera Is Required?

Spy On A Carer

Moving on to recommend a hidden camera for spying on a carer. You will need to be a high-resolution 1080p camera, it will also need to be an everyday object that will not alert the suspect that they are being monitored. The best camera will have sound built-in if you suspect verbal abuse. Also, the camera will be able to record both sound and video for about 8 hours.  If there is no electrical supply nearby then the camera will be battery operated, this can reduce the amount of recording time.

Some spy cams have software that will switch on the camera to record when movement is detected within the range of the spy device. These cameras can help to extend battery life and save you hours of scrolling through the video when no action is occurring. Also, ensure you have the date and time set correctly on your camera just in case this may be required by the Police as evidence.

Finding Best Location For Spy Camera

Sitting the spy camera will be the next important consideration, it will need to cover a good area of the room you are recording. So probably best to check with testing, by locating the camera and running a small recording and then playing back.  You can try a number of areas and then decide on the best location.  Do not forget sound recording if you are using this feature, make sure the sound is picked up from all locations of the room.

Once you are satisfied you have the ideal location and the spy camera cannot be seen, switch on and wait.  Only you can decide if you find something amiss on the video and you want to pursue this further, with your local Police.

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